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I love a country look... I am on a new journey!! In 2011, if God's willing, I will have my Shabby Chic/Primative Shoppe opening on the square in the little town of Garrison, Texas. (about 20 minutes north of Nacogdoches)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Refreshing Vintage Aqua Jars

Summertime. That fun in the sun time!!

Days spent by the pool or the ocean. I especially love the color of water - with it’s depth of translucence, and the way light reflects and dances on the surface. The next closest thing that captures those qualities is aqua colored glass. Remember your mother or grandmother canning vegetables with the aqua colored Mason Jars?

If you’re not into canning, the jars can have other functional and decorative uses. Summer dinner parties and intimate outdoor weddings are perfect occasions for bringing out the vintage jars and adding a touch of class in an inexpensive way.



You're probably wondering where I've been (or maybe you didn't even miss me). I haven't had the chance to do much yard-selling lately!! or scavenger hunt!

You may not have noticed, but I have a strange attraction to vintage price tags! I love all styles, color, sizes....  I even started making some vintage-style tags. I dyed manila price tags in hot water with plain old Lipton tea bags:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Think Outside the Box...

I have become the great white scavenger hunter!!

Scouring Flea Markets, Garage Sales, and maybe your Attic for Shabby Chic Decor!! (so don't be alarmed by the little mouse noise).. (:

Shabby Chic is a comfortable, casual decorating style with a look that uses vintage accessories, pastels, and comfortable furniture. Think of visiting with your grandmother, snuggled in comfortable soft furniture. Fresh flowers look beautiful and the soft scent of candles fills the room. A home decorated in the Shabby Chic style can provide the same sensation for your own home.

Shabby Chic is no particular style, but rather balances elegant things with old and worn, shiny silver accessories with painted wooden tables, soft throw rugs with rough old lace.

Look at the two great chairs I found. They will fit so lovely in Olde Thymes Shoppe!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sign Here!!

Everyone needs a little inspiration in their life!! ~

I have found unique handcrafted signs to place in Olde Thymes Shoppe. Featuring encouraging, positive & funny... designed to remind us to see the brighter side of life and to appreciate every moment.

Or add a spiritual touch to your home with the faith inspired quotes on handmade wood signs.

They will beautifully enhance any living space and their messages serve as profound reminders in the midst of our hectic world. Featured here are some of my favorites:

Create your own sanctuary with a selection of handcrafted inspirational signs
It's so much fun to snazz up a room with a sign!


I so enjoy shopping for primitive home décor!! What great fun!! There is so many charming items I want to purchase for my customers ... where do I start?

I think when Olde Thymes is up and running, my cousin Diana will bake her fresh homemade meringue pies for ya'll to buy in the shoppe!!  I have so many plans...  I am excited!~

Olde Thymes will specialize in offering affordable, yet charming home décor designs in shabby chic, country and primitive.